Flajector 2.1

Flajector is a utility that allows you to convert FLV videos to EXE files
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Flajector is a utility that allows you to convert Flash movies into .EXE files. It has a very simple, one-window interface that comprises all the settings that can be changed. The process is quite simple. All you need to do is add an FLV file to the interface and change the settings. There are quite a bit of options that you can play with. The more interesting ones are the Window options, which control the way your video will play. When you create an executable file with a video on it, it will still need the Flash components for the target computer to play them. So, Flajector grabs the player that you have on your system, or one you point it to, and puts it in the final .EXE files. You can limit the features the player has, too. The final movie can be size-blocked or you can allow users to go full-screen. They can also drag the window around, minimize it, maximize it, control the right-click menu and more. Or you can simply lock users out and only allow them to watch the video and have no control over it. The application also allows you to make videos translucent (transparent). All in all, Flajector works quite well and is really easy to use.

José Fernández
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